Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the key to having a successful business on the internet. Companies are constantly trying to keep up with the changes and trends online to try to gain leverage over their market and competitors. Print & Radio has a firm knowledge of what it takes to get your site visible on search engines. Optimizing for search engines is not a one-time effort though and you must be constantly growing your popularity and site content for search engines to see your website as an authority site in your given market.

Pay-per-click advertising is a way to instantly gain the visibility your website needs to start to generating leads and sales online right away. Having a good strategy in place, will minimize cost while maximizing exposure online.  Pay-per-click advertising combined with a good SEO campaign is the most beneficial way to maximize your online visibility.  Our experienced PPC team will make sure that your campaign is running at optimal performance 24/7.

Keyword Marketing

Once the site has been fully optimized we will then begin campaigns that will include inbound links and reciprocal links to gain a popularity value for your website. Our team has a 20 point system that will bring inbound traffic to your website almost instantly. We have strong partner alliances and a solid strategy for outward and inward promotion that will get your site to the top of search engines fast. We will also measure incoming traffic to the site to monitor other trending keywords that search engines are promoting for and add those to a report that we will deliver to you to review once a week.

Our Pay-Per-Click Process

Our PPC team will review your current business model and product offers online to develop a strategy to turn paid visitors into paying customers. We understand that each business is different and will work strategically  on your campaign to make sure that every dollar spent maximizes you ROI.

  • We will break down each visitor in to browsers, shoppers and buyers and create ad, keyword and page funnels to accommodate each one.
  • We will create multiple campaigns to track and analyze ad and keyword performance for each individual product offer on your website.
  • We will continually monitor, add and modify ads and keywords to optimize performance while reducing cost.

Pay-Per-Click Campaign Reporting

We strive to continually improve your online campaign. We provide constant monitoring and weekly reporting on ad performance and budget that includes the cost per click for each ad, (this can be further measured by reviewing website conversions). Our PPC management team also encourages any questions you have regarding your reports, budget and strategy.

Creative support

The advertising campaign is only part of the process in making sure you are capturing all the leads possible. Our cutting edge design and SEO team will consult personally with you to help you adapt your current website to make sure every dollar spent goes right to work. This complete process has helped our clients to capture, retain and follow up with each new lead that comes to you website or calls your phone.