Do’s and Don’ts of a great Advertising Campaign

 DO  Be realistic about your budget.

While getting a good deal is important,  it is much more important to figure out how much money you can sustainably  invest in you advertising campaign.   Before you need to worry about whether you are getting a  deal or not you need to establish a realistic budget.  Your budget needs to based around how much you can spend consistently in order to get your campaign off the ground. Regardless of whether you are looking to buy Radio Advertising, Print advertising, or TV Advertising, your budget is going to have to be realistic of the media as well as the region.

DON’T Assume one type of advertising is right before you set a budget

You’d be surprised at how many people try to pick what type of advertising they should do and then try and figure out their budget.  Remember, as the success of your campaign grows so can your budget, you can always work your way into incorporating other forms of media later.

 DO Try Remnant advertising.

Using Remnant advertising in your campaign can make your advertising goals more Achievable.   Unsold space in a newspaper or time on the air is considered to be lost revenue. The left overs or “remnants” are offered at discounted rates.

DON’T go to a gun fight with a knife

You wouldn’t let a carpenter be your Doctor would you? Advertising Agencies like Print and Radio are specialized at negotiating rates and have built long standing relationships with radio stations across the country are the ideal way to buy remnant advertising. Print and Radio  has direct access to local and nationally syndicated radio stations and print advertising space nationwide. Print and Radio specialists are experts at securing remnant slots at deep discounts, in Advertising venues Nationwide.

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