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Quality leads and scalability with

pay-per-inquiry or discount cash media


Per Inquiry Advertising with Print & Radio

Lower your risk with pay per call advertising. Our clients win in this model:  Quality leads &  Scalability – All with a fixed cost per call/lead.

Here’s how our performance model works:

Print & Radio - Pay Per Call Model


Analyze client’s historical sales, marketing and media data to develop a clear understanding of the opportunity that exists.


With solid insight into client’s business and understanding of scope of opportunity, use our expertise to establish the measurement metric and payout that will optimize results.


Write, voice and produce a compelling :60 radio spot designed to generate maximum response rates.


Start small and watch the numbers closely. Identify any potential problem areas in the test (creative, media mix, conversion) and make necessary adjustments.


Continue testing until target metrics are consistently achieved then methodically ramp campaign, maintaining target metrics at scale.

We are able to build your campaign from start to finish. We handle creative, production and placement! Let us show you how to advertise on radio and generate a measurable ROI immediately. Call us Today at 877.211.7566


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We have a proven track record among major brands for sustaining and growing media investments.
“We would like to thank the entire staff at National Radio Advertising for the level of service, professionalism, commitment and responsibility you have shown us since we have started advertising with you. As a new company, we have a multitude of concerns. One of those concerns is diving into radio advertising, and you have made the transition as smooth as possible for us. That peace of mind allows us to focus on the growth of our business and know that a big part of our advertising budget is in the right place.” Jeff Ronaldo

VP, Heath Right & Associates

Working with us With more than 75 years in combined media experience, we know every media dollar must produce results. We secure the best rates and integrate added value components for additional exposure. Our relationships, media buying power and focus on money-making results have set an industry standard for long term, income producing campaigns.
We target markets that turn advertising dollars into customers.

Benefits of Radio

Radio can reach on-the-go consumers!

  • Radio allows you to establish a special relationship with consumers.
  • Radio can cost-effectively break through media bombardment.
  • Radio’s can be on-location with remote broadcasts
  • Radio’s unique formats allow you to target your best prospects.
  • Radio reaches prospects closest to the point of purchase.
  • Radio can bridge the gaps left by other media options.
  • Radio provides unique specialized on-air promotions.
  • Radio is king for establishing top-of-mind-awareness.
  • Radio can influence new markets and prospects.
  • Radio can complement other advertising platforms.

Direct Access to Media

Direct access to the most media at the lowest cost! We know that it is imperative to have a marketing plan and advertising agency that are constantly adjusting and adapting to new attributes of media. Our goal is to effectively reach the right audience, motivate action and create results, all while being conscious of our client’s image and goals.  We are incessantly refining our methods and best procedures to improve efficiency and drive results.

Diverse Marketing

We are all about creating a diverse marketing experience by combining and diversifying traditional and modern media. We work with you to set a budget based on your unique business needs. Our goal is  that each dollar spent is able to generate the highest possible return on your investment. We can help you with all types of advertising nationwide.  Advertise on radio, advertise in newspapers, or advertise on TV nationwide at great rates.

Full Service Agency

We are a full service integrated media agency. We are able to build your campaign from start to finish. We handle creative, production and placement services for all types of media! We track and target the audience that is most valuable to your bottom line.  Our campaign monitoring is able to determine which channels are the most profitable for your business, so that we are able to create a repeat process that generates reliable, scalable results. Call us at 877-211-7566


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